C-h (measuring unit)

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The correct title is C/h. Name was changed for technical reasons.


Measuring unit
Purpose Measuring traffic, planning new roads and referring to road capacity
Adoption In 1992
First devised 1988 by Andrew Wilnerso
Documentation website c/h-measure.org

In Crazybloxian measuring methods, c/h, also known as v/h, is used to measure the ammount of traffic on a road every hour by number of cars. It is also called “v/h” for vehicles per hour.

History[edit | edit source]

The c/h unit was adopted in 1992 by the Empire, 4 years after it was devised by a 8-yo kid named Andrew Wilnerso (1980-present).

In 1998, it became declared the standard unit for road traffic measuring by the Unity Of Measure organization. It’s popularity skyrocketed in 2004 to 2028 as a measuring unit.

Today the unit is managed and controlled by the Unity Of Measure.