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The Crazybloxian Empire, (Crazish: Crezibloxi Expadi), is a multiversal, intergalactic expansionist democratic nation, whose capital is Lemuria, on Harmonia, with the capital planet being Harmonia. The Crazybloxian Empire has a population of around 3 quadrillion people, each with a GDP per capital of 65,552 SD. The Crazybloxian Empire has colonized around 21 million planets, in 4-5 galaxies, and wholly inhabits 268 galaxies in Amelyn-2, and 56 planets in the Renegallean home universe, mainly for intimidation or terrorization of Renegallean or Force colonies. It has been calculated that the total land area of all Crazybloxian-occupied planets is 7.032350715428001 × 1030, 7 nonillion km2, or around 76,300 square light-years.

As the Crazybloxian Empire is large, in terms of territory, the military, and other factors, the government of Crazybloxian Empire considers itself a superpower, with it being the only extant superpower in the whole Crazybloxian Universe. Crazybloxian Empire exerts significant influence on many events, mainly done to force events in favour of Crazybloxian Empire.

The Crazybloxian Empire was founded in 903 AD as the RTU, after around 675 polities and 1,640 tribes signed the Declaration Of Tribal Unity in 902 AD, in Hestin (Berlin). The country went through the Crazybloxian Revolution in the 1400s. Technological advance considerably accelerated when aliens landed on Earth, allowing the RTU to reverse-engineer alien technologies and base new technologies on such alien technologies. In the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, Crazybloxian Empire fought a war against Renegalle due to ideological differences, general unpopularity. The war was the deadliest and most resource-heavy.

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The Crazybloxian Empire is a country located on Harmonia, 3 light years away from Earth. We were founded as the RTU in 903 A.D on the Gregorian Calendar. Our most notable battle is the First Crazybloxian-Renegallean War.



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