Mushjahsitis Disease Report

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Mushjahsitis Disease Report

This disease was discovered on Thursday 7 June, 2018. Here is a following report of the disease:

Disclaimer: The disease is newly found and inadequate info has been collected on the disease. As cure research progresses, we will fully discover the disease.

Effect[edit | edit source]

The disease within 18 hours seems to merge the liver and heart together, but usually damages the heart, by rupturing the blood veins and causing horrific blood loss with 17 liters of blood dropping at any time.

Transmission[edit | edit source]

Public worries[edit | edit source]

Plans on what the Empire will do with the disease after cure is found[edit | edit source]

The Crazybloxian Empire is considering it’s use as an execution ingredient in lethal injection executions. Executions by lethal injection are rare, since the guillotine is still the device of choice for most executioners.

Cure research progress[edit | edit source]

Resources estimate the disease could be cured by August 19.